PUBG Mobile teaser video showcases new locations in v0.18.0 update's new Mad Miramar map

# PUBG Mobile teaser video showcases new locations in v0.18.0 update's new Mad Miramar map PUBG Mobile is set to launch any v0. 18. 0 update inside the couple of days and the developers have been bullying the launch for quite a while. This time around, an developers have posted a short movie clips that lets players know some of the state of the art locations that they can check out in the great Mad Miramar map. ![enter image description here]( Mad Miramar (initially known as Miramar 2 . 0), is one of the new additions in PUBG Mobile’s v0. 18. 0 algorithm update. The map would include ten new notable additions. In the North-West corner of the map, players will arrive across Ruins. The history of these early monuments isn’t known, but the picture should offer lots of close-quarters battle opportunities. Then there is the race track. Fault the map features loops but also jumps which should make for an interesting associated with fun driving experience. The final newest location added to mad Miramar could be Oasis. Located on the northern edge of these map, the Oasis is a low part of the map with waterbodies that can offer a welcome change for those tired of sorting through the edless sand. Conquer the dangers of the desert! Take a tour of some of the new locales opening up in the new and updated Miramar! Assemble your squad now PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) May 3, 2020 PUBG Mobile showcases new locations in latest update Besides this, the teaser also highlights an approaching dust storm. While the video does not bring up the story, it should be noted that it indeed is a new feature added in the map and it limits the visibility in outdoor areas, making it harder for players to snipe each other. Besides this, players will also get to play with a new version of the Win94 rifle that will feature a fixed 2.7x scope. Further, the map will feature a unique Golden Mirado vehicle. Only one instance of the vehicle will spawn in the map, making it pretty rare. Alongside all this, PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 update will also bring with it a new Cheer Park where players will be able to take rides and play games without worrying about being killed by other players. You can check out all the details of the new update here. **_Don't forget to subscribe us on YouTube: [SUBSCRIBE NOW](**

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