Login in any Windows OS without password

**What is a backdoor?** To say it simply just like in house using another entrance to come in In the same way, we will create a backdoor and hack into any systems easily Requirements: 1. 4Gb Pendrive or Higher 2. Kali Linux Operating System è [Click Here To Download Kali Linux 24](http://www.kali.org/downloads) 3. 1 & 2 Combined Kali Live USB Kali Linux is the best option to create a backdoor because it enables Live Boot through which we can use it on my victim pc easily by carrying it and also 4gb Pendrive is enough Here I will explain how to Create a backdoor using Kali Linux ## Method I **Step 1**: Open terminal and type the following command (after typing every code press enter) ``` cd /media ls ``` **Step 2**: Then your hard disk code will be shown (for ex: 28EC168…) Every hard-disk have their own code **NOTE**: If you are not able to find the code, repeat the process again or click on places (which you can find above terminal icon) then in places click one “filesystem” a window will open where you can see the hard-disk code as a title in blue Follow my Commands again (after typing every command press enter) ``` cd /media/(hard disk code name without brackets) ls ``` (Actually, This “ls” will show you the list of folders and files present in the above-mentioned source or location) ``` cd /media/ hard disk code name /Windows cd /media/ hard disk code name /Windows/System32 ls cp cmd.exe sethc.exe ``` Here now what we did is changed seethe.exe to cmd.exe, now you can exit the terminal and reboot your system and open windows. When the login screen appears and asks for password press “Shift Key” 5 Times Continuously Command Prompt will open Then type the following commands in it Net user (name of account or system) Example:: net user James And click enter 2 times – it will ask to enter a new password leave it blank Reboot system again and now the system starts without asking for the login password This is how creating a backdoor Helps in hacking systems easily This works on Kali Linux as well as Backtrack ## Method II Here is the second way of creating a Backdoor in Backtrack this is much more simple compared to the previous process - Start your Kali Linux using Live USB - Got to places and you can see your drives there open it - One is system reserved, do not touch it, open Your Local disk C - In Local Disk: C you will find a folder named “Windows” - And in that Open “Windows 32” and search for “Cmd.exe” - And rename it to “scthc.exe” - That’s it the process is done Now shutdown Kali Linux and Start Windows Now windows ask for Login Password Now Press “Shift Key” 5 Times continuously Command Prompt will open There type Net user (your pc name) Ex: net user James Now press enter two times, when it asks to enter password leave it black and restart the system, your victim pc opens without asking for password That’s it a simple trick, enjoy! ![:+1:](https://onehack.us/images/emoji/apple/+1.png?v=9 ":+1:")

-dipeshpal, April 8, 2020, 11:03 a.m.

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