GTA 5 on PC is now free on the Epic Games Store

# GTA 5 on PC is now free on the Epic Games Store GTA 5 is presently allowed to download from the Epic Games Store, which implies it's all yours eternity in the event that you catch it before May 21. It is presently accessible to download here on the off chance that you have an Epic Games Store account, however request is high to such an extent that Epic is battling to satisfy need for the present, so you may battle to stack the page until that is fixed. Epic has recognized this, and a fix is coming. ![enter image description here]( Some portion of the Epic Games Store's continuous free games advancement, GTA 5 is apparently the greatest title the distributer has parted with yet. Bits of gossip were flowing that Rockstar's activity experience epic would be parted with the expectation of complimentary yesterday, and the news was affirmed by Epic themselves, though rashly, who tweeted the declaration beneath. The tweet has since been erased, yet not before it was safeguarded on the web by bird looked at clients. Presently, the game is live for you to download. GTA 5 cheats: all that you have to capitalize on the game GTA 5 keeps on selling a remarkable measure of units consistently and is one of the most widely praised rounds of this age. It's reasonable, at that point, that fans are anxiously anticipating GTA 6 with fevered expectation. Rockstar as of late wrote an arrangement with Microsoft to bring its other open-world raving success, Red Dead Redemption 2, to Xbox Game Pass. You can saddle up the present moment in case you're an endorser, and we emphatically suggest you do as it's an ordinarily fantastic open world experience from Rockstar. To download Grand Theft Auto 5, pursue an Epic Games Store record and head over to the store. The free games area is obviously checked, so click on GTA 5 and bada bing, bada blast – you have probably the best round of this age for literally nothing. It's light burglary. Note, however, that the store has battled a little to stay aware of interest since the game went live, so you may need to return later and attempt once more. Don't forget to subscribe us on YouTube: [SUBSCRIBE NOW](**

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