Create News Website and Earn $2500 per months

# Create News Website and Earn $2500 per months Hosting + Domain Ft. Hostinger [With Proof] It is possible to earn without writing article, you just need to setup your wordpress website for once then you need to put ads on it and that's it. Your post will automatically share on all the social network, you will get traffic on your site. Just if you want you can work on SEO for the lifetime, but once you applied general SEO setting you no need to worry about SEO also. The process is fully automated, watch all these videos to understand the workflow. ## Content- 1. Hosting and Domain 2. Wordpress Setup 3. Adsense and Seo Setup ### 1. Hosting and Domain [<img src="" width=100%/>]( "Watch Now") ### 2. Wordpress Setup [<img src="" width=100%/>]( "Watch Now") ### 3. Adsense and Seo Setup [<img src="" width=100%/>]( "Watch Now") #### Downloads- 1. [FS Poster]( 2. [WP Automatic]( 3. [Auto Spinner]( 4. [Newsletter]( 5. [Fifu]( 6. [Newspaper Theme](

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