Bypass New Google Restriction: Get Free Unlimited Photos Storage

# Bypass New Google Restriction: Get Free Unlimited Photos Storage In this guide, we will show you the steps to get free unlimited Google Photos storage on any Android device. This article has been written after the Google announcement that they would stop offering unlimited free High-Quality Storage. Now, they would rather cap it at 15GB, after which you will have to shell out some bucks. However, there exist two workarounds through which you could still get free unlimited Google Photos storage on your non-Pixel device. Before we list out the instructions, here’s a quick recap of the latest development surrounding the news. ![enter image description here]( ## Google Photos High-Quality Storage is Now Capped So just a few days back, Google dropped a bombshell announcing that they would no longer offer free unlimited storage. As of now, the Silicon Valley giants offer unlimited High-Quality and 15GB Original Quality storage. The former is a loss-less compression technique used by Google that squeezes the image by a huge margin but without compromising on the image resolution. As far as the Original Quality goes, well it is as its name suggest, the images and videos were saved in their original format. However, the storage for the same was limited to 15GB. For most of the everyday users, the High Quality was able to checkmark their daily requirements plus it offered free unlimited storage, hence there was no need for a second thought. But all this now changing. Google will now count the High-Quality storage against the 15GB storage. This 15GB is the same storage that is shared across all your Google services (including Drive as well). This rule is going to be active from June 1st, 2021. All the media files that you will be storing till that date wouldn’t be counted against this limit. But the uploads that will take place from that date onwards will count against your quota of 15GB. The only one escaping all these restrictions are the Google Pixel devices. Well, there are no brownie points in guessing the ‘why’ aspect of this statement. Rather, what most of you might be interested in knowing is how could a non-Pixel device get the same perks. Well, this guide will help you achieve just that. Today we will show you how to get unlimited Google Photos storage on any Android. Follow along for the detailed instructions. ***Alternative Apps:*** - [Amazon Photos]( - [Dropbox]( - [Apple iCloud]( - [OneDrive]( ## How to Get Free Unlimited Google Photos Storage on any Android ### Free Unlimited High-Quality Storage on Google Photos [Non-Root] This method is rather a nifty workaround in which we will only be twisting the offering from Google to our needs. So here’s the thing. Google after the new rule, only offers 15GB of High-Quality storage. This cap is associated with your Google account that you have signed in with. But there’s no restriction whatsoever as to the total number of Google accounts that you could create. As of now, I am currently running around 5 Google Accounts on my Android device which in total is offering me 95GB of free space. Hence, I have set the Google Photos settings to always save the images and videos in the Original uncompressed quality rather than the usual High compressed quality. When one account gets filled up, I move over to the next one and so on. ### Free Unlimited Storage on Google Photos [Root Method] Well, this has been personally my favorite method. In this, we would be converting our device to one of the Pixel devices. Then all you have to do is sign in with your existing Google ID. When you do so, Google will identify that the account is now associated with a Google Pixel device and your account will then automatically qualify for unlimited free Photos storage. So while rooting is considered by many to be a risky process but the plethora of perks associated with it all makes up for it. On that note, let’s get on with the instructions set. First and foremost, your device needs to be rooted. Do keep in mind that the entire rooting process might be risky for some of you out there. If you don’t have much clue regarding this, then we would suggest you stick with the non-root method. However, if you ready to plunge into the rooting scenes, then you are more than welcome. _[Droidwin will not be held responsible if the alarm clock fails to ring up in the morning, your cat ends up sleeping hungry, in case there is a thermo-nuclear war, and yes, if something happens to your device as well. Proceed ahead at your own risk]._ 1. Moving on, here are a few of our articles that might help you out, if you wish to root your device. - [How to Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery]( - [How to Root Android Devices via TWRP Recovery]( 2. Once rooted, you will then have to download the []( module from GitHub. This module will spoof your current Android device to Pixel 3XL and will let you enjoy the associated goodies as well. 3. Anyway, after downloading the module, transfer it to your device. 4. Then launch the Magisk Manager app on your device. 5. Tap on the module icon situated at the bottom right. ![install pixel magisk module]( 6. Next up, select the Install from Storage option. Navigate to the file and select it. 7. Magisk will now begin the flashing process which should take only a couple of seconds. Once that is done, tap on the blue Reboot situated at the bottom. ![reboot device magisk]( 8. Once the device reboots, it’s time to delete the Google Photos app data and cache. Don’t worry you wouldn’t lose any data as they are stored in the clouds. So head over to Settings > Apps and Notifications > See all xx apps > Scroll to Google Photos > Storage and Cache > Tap on Clear Storage. Hit OK in the confirmation dialog box that appears. ![clear storage google photos]( 9. Now launch the Google Photos app and you would be greeted with the message that you get unlimited free storage for full-resolution photos and videos…..from your Pixel device. ![google pixel photos unlimited free storage on any android]( 10. Now tap Next and you should now see the Free Backup at High Resolution under High Quality. Select it and tap Confirm. ![free high quality google photos on any android]( 11. Go through the welcome screen to finish the setup. That’s it. You could even head over to your device’s About Phone section and verify that your device is indeed Google Pixel 3XL. I have carried these steps on my Motorola One Action, but as evident from the below screenshot, it has been spoofed into Pixel 3XL. So this was all from this guide on how to get free unlimited Google Photos storage on any Android device. We have shared two different methods for the same. Well, the rooted method stands as my personal favorite, but others might not echo these thoughts as not everyone prefers to root their device, and that is completely understandable. Anyway, do let us know your opinion in the comments about the handy tips that we have shared.

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